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The Camella Home Urdaneta development was made with the aim of making your life easier and more enjoyable. The residence features the usual amenities and then some. Onsite you can find a clubhouse, basketball court, children’s playground and a pool. There are also jogging paths along with landscaped gardens and parks for those who love the outdoors and who like to remain active in the outdoors. 

You can feel comfortable with 24/7 security and you are ok without a private vehicle thanks to the shuttle service. The entrance is always guard and the gates feature full time CCTV camera. The property is complete with high perimeter fences and there are always roving security guards in addition to those manning the gate. With this much security on the property you can feel safe along with your family members and friends. We understand that security is a big issue as we are living in a scary world. We understand that you want your children and loved ones to be always safe and Vista helps to provide just that here at Camella Homes Urdaneta. 

The residential units are located approximately 300 meters from the bypass road. Vista Land in acquiring land for the residential development acquired additional land for commercial development. This means there will be more facilities within the community as development progresses. This means more conveniences for homeowners and potential home owners thinking of making this their next home. 

Camella offers a modern and sophisticated set of amenities and facilities here that are built to last. The community here is designed to help you and your family form a bond that will last a lifetime. You will love the convenience, comfort and security you get waking up here each and every day. With a range of modern and sophisticated facilities you are certain to create a life of adventure and comfort here at Camella Home Urdaneta. Our luscious community is well maintained and is all you and your family could ever ask for.

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